Excellent free resources available on Hawaii’s sunshine and public records laws

If you’re interested in Hawaii’s public records law and sunshine law, the Office of Information Practices currently has links to a number of very useful publications that are being used in their workshops for public officials and attorneys.

If you are at all concerned about public access and open government, you need to check these out.

These materials can be accessed from the “What’s New” page on the OIP website.

There’s a new publication, Agenda Guidance for Sunshine Law Boards, which lays out how agendas are supposed to be developed and posted.

There are is a guide to the Uniform Information Practices Act, our public records law, as well as a sunshine guide for state and county boards, both very useful.

A UIPA Powerpoint presentation used in one workshop is also available, along with a few additional goodies, including an outline for their presentation, “Ethical Considerations for Counsel When Advising Sunshine Law Boards.”

via ilind.net