The War on Public Safety

A Critical Analysis of the Justice Policy Institute’s Proposals for Bail Reform


Whether consumers realize it or not, there is currently a war being waged in the criminal justice system: a war being waged by government funded programs on a private industry.  A war being waged with taxpayer dollars against a private industry that generates significant revenue for states and local communities. A war being waged that adversely impacts our communities’ public safety interests.

Did you know that violent career criminals are being released from jail on nothing but a promise to return for their court dates?

Did you know that your tax dollars are used to fund these releases?
Did you know that almost 30% of those people released on a “promise” never show up to court?

Did you know that no one goes after those people to bring them back?

Did you know that the only way these persons are returned to custody is when they are ultimately re-arrested for additional crimes…thus creating another crime victim in the process?
Did you know that there is a method of pretrial release that doesn’t cost taxpayers anything?
Did you know that there is a method of pretrial release that ensures that 99% of those released make it to court…and that for those who do not make it to court, it pays a financial penalty to the county?
If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, then you will want to read the following document. CLICK HERE

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