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Reason #64 that we love doing marketing and SEO for the Bail Bond industryBail Bond Rap Commericials! Here’s the best I came across while searching YouTube. If I’ve missed any that need to be on this list, connect with me on Google+ drop me a line. Here they are in no particular order.

“Cruisin’ Down the City Streets”

Free Bail Bonds, Las Vegas NV

This one might be my favorite. Awesome production, and the rap is actually pretty good. I know who I’m hiring next time Vegas gets the best of me.

“Ask First”

Ask First Bail Bonds, Memphis TN

They get my vote for funniest. I pretty sure that 6-year old was driving the car in the beginning. A little on the long side, but the first 45 seconds is gold.

“99 Problems, but bail ain’t one!”

Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds, Santa Barbara CA

Bad Boys Rap

These guys are always good for some creative bail marketing. I like the Fresh Prince style here.

“A Better Does Everything!”

A Better Bail Bonds, Houston TX

Z-RO Greenspoint Rap

Greenspoint Bail Bonds, Houston TX

“Beggin’ for Bail”

This one isn’t a bail agency, but it has to be somewhere on this list. He’s rapping about getting his wife out of jail. Sounds a little like Too Short.

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